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What You Need to Know as a First-Time Home Buyer

What You Need to Know as a First-Time Home Buyer

It is Time

Most of us get to a place in life where we begin thinking about buying a home. It will be the biggest purchase in our lives. You have a regular income and whether you are still at you parent’s home or you are renting, you have worked hard and want your own home. You have the income and the desire. But where do you start?

Your very first choice is your most important decision:

Choosing your Real Estate Agent!

Your real estate agent will be your guide, your confidante, and your constant source of information.

But how do you make this decision? Who do you choose? There are important factors integral to making your choice.


First, you must decide where you want to buy your home. This is just the general region where you want to live. You want an agency that truly knows the entire region well. A great real estate agency will know the neighborhoods, the general home values, the best schools, and the taxes in the area. Begin your search for an agency in the area.


Because you will be relying on your agent for everything, it is so important that you can trust them. This can be hard to determine. But the best indicator is listening to those who have done business with your agent. Personal references, testimonials and online reviews can help guide you to the agency. But it is that face-to-face meeting where you will know.


The agency will ask you questions and truly listen to you. What are you looking for? How comfortable are you with the process? A great Real Estate Agency will understand that, as a first-time homebuyer, you are nervous, and you may not even know the questions to ask. They will want to get to know you so they can combine their vast knowledge with your ideas to find you the perfect first home.

The Plan

You can trust that the agency, knowing where you want to buy and understanding what you are looking for in your first home, will begin to develop a plan around your exact needs.

One of the first tasks is to get you qualified for a mortgage so you will know exactly the price range of the homes you should view. With this, you will be assured that your bids will be solid.

Next, your agency should know every first-time home buyer assistance grant and program available to you. Not every agency has this knowledge. But a great agency will not only know the programs, but they will have used them for their clients in the past. And because there are new programs all the time, the agency should always be searching for new ways to help every first-time home buyer.


Once everything is in place, a great real estate agency will help you choose from all the homes that fit your criteria. You will choose the homes you would like to see. Touring the homes with a great agent will give you a wealth of information. They will be able to point out issues and highlights. First-time homebuyers don’t always know what to look for. An agent knows exactly what is a great and what could cost you in the future.

This is where honesty and trust come in. Sure, every agent wants to make the sale. But successful agencies will not just want to make the sale, they want to create great relationships. These relationships can only be built on trust. These relationships establish the real estate agency in the community as a trusted neighbor and source of information.

A great Real Estate Agency understands your concerns and will help you through buying you first home every step of the way.

We will continue this first-time home buyer series with more valuable information. But this is just the beginning of an exciting step in your life.

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