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What Millennials Need to Know When Selling Their Home

What Millennials Need to Know When Selling Their Home

According to Pew Social Trends, “As Millennials Near 40, They’re Approaching Family Life Differently Than Previous Generations. Three-in-ten Millennials live with a spouse and child compared with 40% of Gen Xers at a comparable age.”

There are now more Millennials than Baby Boomers. Although attaining a higher education and racial diversity, Millennials have been slower to build families in the traditional sense. Many have successful careers and a partner.

Millennials, although may not having traditional families, have bought homes, and are moving up. Many have purchased their first home and are looking to sell to transition to a home closer to their job or extended family.

Your Home!

You have made your home a perfect place for you. It was most likely your first large investment and it is a place attached to a lot of memories. Your life revolves around your job and home and many emotions and feelings are associated with it. It is sometimes hard to separate those feelings when selling your home.

Selling your home can be difficult because it is now open to review and criticism. And the loss of privacy from inspectors, appraisers and the flow of buyers touring your home can be difficult.

The most important step is to start viewing your home as just a “House.” It can make the process easier. Your goal is to sell your house. Understanding this can help overcome these emotions while also allowing you to price it properly. Sometimes our home seems invaluable to us. But if you are selling your house you must be able to see and accept the actual value of the property.

Choosing your Real Estate Agent!

Your real estate agent will be your guide, your confidante, and your constant source of information.

But how do you make this decision? Who do you choose? There are important factors integral to making your choice.


First, you must find an agency that truly knows the entire region well. A great real estate agency will know the neighborhoods, the general home values, the best people for home repairs and everyone needed to help you sell your home in the area. They will research all the comparable homes in the area so you will know your competition.


Because you will be relying on your agent for everything, it is so important that you can trust them. This can be hard to determine. But the best indicator is listening to those who have done business with your agent. Personal references, testimonials and online reviews can help guide you to the agency. But it is that face-to-face meeting where you will know.


The agency will ask you questions and truly listen to you. How comfortable are you with the process? Do you know what selling your house entails? A great Real Estate Agency will understand that you are nervous, and you may not even know the questions to ask. They will want to get to know you so they can combine their vast knowledge with your ideas and basic expectations to sell your house quickly.

The Plan

You can trust that the agency has your back and now together you can both begin to develop a plan.

This can be tough as the real estate agency must be completely honest. They have the knowledge and expertise to go through your home and make suggestions for repairs, changes, or staging. Everything that they suggest is to get your house sold at the best price and as fast as possible. An agency that is afraid that they may hurt your feelings, truly does not have your back. You must expect honesty at all times.


Once everything is in place, a great real estate agency will do everything possible to coordinate tours. With Covid19, your agent will arrange for as many virtual tours as possible. If they are a great agency, they will provide PPE to assure that you and the home buyer are as safe as possible for any in person tours.

Any issues that arise during this process will allow your agency to give you feedback and make any changes to your plan that are needed. Your agency will take the great feedback along with what buyers find as problems and work with you to make adjustments to your plan.

This is where honesty and trust come in. Sure, every agent wants to make the sale. But successful agencies will not just want to make the sale, they want to create great relationships. These relationships can only be built on trust, communication, and honesty. These relationships establish the real estate agency in the community as a trusted neighbor and source of information.

A great Real Estate Agency understands your concerns and will help you through selling your house every step of the way.

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