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What is Your First Step in Buying a Home? Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

Written By: Samantha Fernandez, Agent at Giraldo Real

There are many steps in buying your home. The first and most important step is to find a great Real Estate Agent.

But how do we define “Great?” There are many qualities to look for in a Great Real Estate Agent. These include but are not limited to:

A Full-Time Agent

An agent who works full time. There are some agents who help buy and sell homes part time. A Great Real Estate Agent will be available and working full time and dedicating their working time to fully knowing the Real Estate business, knowing their market and servicing their clients.


Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you can trust your agent. This is where research comes in. First, ask friends and family for any references. But also, search for online testimonials and feedback for any agent you choose. You can also ask your mortgage company for feedback and referrals.


By simply interviewing an agent, you can begin to determine if they are knowledgeable about the area, the market and how to service your real estate needs. Do they have special certifications? How many clients have they helped buy a home? Do they know how to help find special programs to finance your home? Do they have solid relationships with local mortgage brokers, assessors, contractors, etc.?

Dedicated and Professional

When you call them, do they pick up the phone or call you back immediately? You want an agent who is a true professional who is willing to work for your business. When you ask them to find a specific home in your price range, they must truly listen to your needs and produce results.

Trust Your Gut

Finding all these qualities and doing your research is great. But trusting your gut plays a big part in choosing a Great Real Estate Agent. You will be working closely with this person throughout the entire process. Your personalities must mesh, and you have to get a true feeling of confidence.

Picking a dedicated and competent realtor will be essential to your experience, peace of mind and to finding your perfect home.

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