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How “Virtual” Technology Can Help You Sell Your Home During Covid 19

How Virtual Technology Can Help You Sell Your Home During Covid 19

Let’s face it, Covid 19 has effected every one of us. Stay at home orders, social-distancing and temporary business closings, all have changed the way we shop, work, and even socialize.
Everything has been put on “Pause.” But with Video Technology, selling your home is easier than ever.

Are you thinking about selling your home or have you started the process? With everything that is happening with the social distancing and stay at home orders, things may seem like they are out of control. But, now is not the time to abandon your goal to sell your home.

Right now, we are enjoying the lowest interest rates in a long while. These low rates allow buyers to pay less for your home over time. Buyers are looking to take advantage of these low interest rates now.


Your concern may be “If I need to show my property and meet with realtors, I am putting myself in danger.” Right now, we have mastered social distancing. We know that washing our hands and wearing masks helps protect others as well as ourselves. However, Video and Digital Technology is helping this process significantly. Doing business “Virtually” is now normal.


First step is Listing your home with an Agent. You will want to make sure that you speak with multiple agents and decide which one is best for you. All of these conversations can happen over Zoom, Skype or one of many different face-to-face meeting platforms. Most all paperwork can be done digitally as well. With e-sign technology, many documents can be reviewed and e-signed online.

Let the Tours Begin

A great agency can view your home virtually through video conferencing and give you ideas for staging and repairs so that you can prepare for the virtual tour that will be posted on your Real Estate Agency’s website. Once your home is ready, your agency can come to your home and take professional pictures and video of your home. This can be done quickly and with you and your family outside the property. This one visit will allow dozens of potential buyers to view your home virtually.

When a buyer wants to see more, a real-time video conference can be set up. As they ask to see specific areas, the agency or seller can walk through the home and answer questions. If a seller gets to this point, they are extremely interested.

Because it is exceedingly rare for anyone to buy a home without physically seeing it, this step will have to occur in person. A great real estate agency will know how to show your home in the safest way possible.


As with the listing process, much of the closing can be done via video conference. All of the paperwork can be done digitally with the exception of any notary required documents. However, with the closing process done via video conference and paperwork completed digitally, the days of sitting for hours at an in-person closing are gone.

Technology has advanced making so many things possible. And during Covid 19, this technology will help you to sell your home safely.

A great Real Estate Agency understands your concerns and will help you take advantage of these great technologies.

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