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Staging Your Home is More Important than Ever

Staging Your Home is More Important than Ever

When you are about to list your home for sale, there are many things to do. You sit down with your real estate agent and begin planning for your move to a new home. Most likely, you have the house you are selling set up perfectly for you. You have made it your home. All those framed family photos and personalized artwork fit perfectly with your stylized furniture and color schemes. You truly made this house perfect for you.

The important thing to remember now, as a home seller, is that potential buyers need to imagine making it their home. Virtual tours are usually the home buyer’s first look at your home. And with social distancing, the Virtual Tour has become a critical tool for selling your home. And Staging your house correctly can help a buyer see their future home.

Even before Covid 19, you could buy everything online including cars. There are endless choices and hundreds of thousands of websites and millions of products. It can become overwhelming. Buyers fly through these choices and only stop on the ones that are perfect for them. Choosing a home is one of the biggest purchases one might make, and an in-person tour is critical for the final decision. But the initial decision is made in an instant on the Virtual Tour. With a few flicks of a mouse, a buyer will decide to look into your home further or move on.

Staging gives the buyer a simple and clean view of your house. You must remove all the personal touches in order for the potential buyer to imagine their personal touches in their new home. It can be hard to do as a seller. We love our homes and are proud of what we have done. But as a home seller, you must create a clean and neutral canvas for the buyer to paint their future.

Where to Start?

Lights, camera action! It is time to set up for the Virtual Tour. You have to imagine you are the home buyer and what they want to see? First, it is time to start packing. Start boxing up all photos, collections and any personal clutter that can be distracting. You can keep some items that everyone owns such as a computer, desk and simple items in a home office. Clear the clutter of your kitchen countertop. But keep one or two items that are common to the kitchen.

It is also important to keep only a minimal amount of furniture. If your furniture is stylized or a bold color, a simple cover in a neutral tone will help. Remove any overflow of furniture. You want your house to appear open and uncluttered. Each room should have a few items of furniture that are appropriate to the room.

Next Steps

Now that you have packed all the personalized items and extra furniture, it is time to get down to making your house shine. You need to clean every wall, surface, and corner. Buyers do notice everything. Doing a thorough cleaning is one of the simplest steps in the process.

Repairs are next. If you have any exposed holes in the wall or repairs that are needed, it is time to get busy. Remember, the buyer sees everything. And oil and hinges and fix anything that rattles as they hear everything too. The repairs for staging should be simple repairs that make the house look great. Any major repairs should be done before even listing your home.

One part of staging that many home sellers forget is the outside. This is where the tour begins. It is the very first impression of the house. You cannot change the style of your home to fit the buyer’s preferences. However, you need to make sure that the outside shines. As with inside, it is time to start cleaning and simplifying. Remove any personalized items. Clean up the weeds and leaves. Trim any bushes and trees. Touch up anything that needs paint. And use outside plants to hide anything that stands out like septic vents. Plant some flowers or hang some simple potted plants.

Virtual, Virtual Tour

The best way to check your work is to get out your camera phone and video a virtual, virtual tour. Start at the front of your property and point out the highlights. Walk in the front door and go room to room. After you are done, it is time to be the critic. You need to watch the video and be extremely critical. Is it now a neutral but pleasant house that anyone can see themselves making into a home? Do you see anything that stands out?

Be Creative

Now that you have seen your home with a critical eye and knowing that there is minimal time and sometimes limited funds to make everything perfect, creativity can be the solution. Is there a spot on the floor in the corner that can’t be cleaned? A plant, a neutral throw rug or small piece of furniture can creatively hide it.

Begin to think what would make your home more appealing. Look at some home décor sites and see the simple touches like a tea kettle on the stove and a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. A clean welcome mat at the front door and a simple basket for umbrellas as well as colorful flowers by the front door can make your house more visually appealing.

Great staging has not only helped homes get seen more, it can help drive up the value of your home. You must remember that the Virtual Tour is your homes time to shine. It has to make such a good impression that buyers are willing to come out during Covid 19 for an in-person tour. And with great staging, the in-person tour will be just as great.

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